Competing on the world stage as an elite athlete, has enabled Kate to deliver valuable experiences, transferrable to both personal and professional corners of her life. 

It is this competitive edge that has propelled Kate forward in her ability to achieve that much sought after work / life balance that we all seem to strive towards. 

Not allowing fear to stand in her way, nor the discomposure of being judged, Kate makes the unachievable seem positively achievable through the chunking down of goals and executing these goals via a strategic vision.

Kate's experiences make for a captivating speaker event, whether it be for team building sessions, seminars or conferences, or executive leadership retreats. If you are after clear and direct ideas for motivation or help with a challenging thought process, then Kate is your first port of call.  Topics that Kate is particularly passionate about include leadership and resilience, goal setting and perseverance, women in sport and women in leadership.